Bathroom Design Trends

Thinking about renovating your bathroom? Here are the top 5 design trends that we’re loving at the moment!

1. Circular Mirrors

A bathrooms composition is generally made up of straight lines and right angles, which is what makes a round mirror’s silhouette such a feature.  The bigger the mirror the greater the impact, and depending on the overall aesthetic of the bathroom you can use a mirror with or without a border.

2. Feature shower screens

Long gone is the simple frameless shower screen! This trend is all about visual effect, framing the shower enclosure.


3. Timber slats

A feature common in luxury resorts, timber slats have made their way into mainstream homes due to the lux aesthetics and feel. Why not incorporate a little fancy into your shower?


4. Contrast feature tiles

In complete contrast to the minimalist colour and design of tiles that have been trending over the last few years, another of our favourite bathrooms trends is to contrast the wall and floor tiles. This can be tricky to pull of, so make sure you have a clear idea of what you want!


5. Contrast shower niche shelf

If you’re not not quite committed to the full tile contrast (see above), this may be a safer option. Shower niches are a smaller area, and provide a beautiful way to create some contrast colour in the shower area.


Hopefully these trends have offered some inspiration if you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom. GCProjects are able to cater to your design taste, as well as give advice on the best layout and tile and colour selection for your bathroom. Give us a call today to see how we can assist with your bathroom renovation!!