New Home Build

Here’s another project we’re working on, in the Gold Coast.

The project was left half completed, so the GCProjects team have stepped in to take the project to completion. It’s a huge job, but the team is very excited to step up to the challenge!

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Meet the Team!

The GCProjects team has been expanding over the last few months, to meet the demand for all upcoming projects.

Here’s Matt talking our Intern, Eric through one of our project estimates.

Eric has almost completed his Masters in Construction Management at Bond University. He’s working with us as part of his Practical Placement.

Eric’s doing a great job and we’re very happy to have him as part of the team!



construction-phase - Project Manager

How your Project Manager will save you money

Being a Project Manager can be one of the most challenging roles in new home builds or renovations and what we do is save you time and money. When we manage your project we often reach out to a variety of trusted tradesmen and companies for the best value and solution to your project.


Key features of a Project Manager

  • Access to a variety of trusted tradesmen
  • Trusted material suppliers with competitive prices
  • Material quantities are refined to save on over capitalisation
  •  Your very own personal project manager
  • Design and construction recommendations and advise
  • Seeing problems before they become one
  • Professional advise
  • Take all the hassles out of your new home build or renovation
  • Reliable staff

Design Phase

Sitting down over a coffee and reviewing your plans makes what is normally a confusing process for many people, an exciting time as you see your new home or renovations start to take shape and with your Project Manager there to explain to you in plain English what is, what.


















Quoting Phase

During the initial quoting phase your personal GCProjects – Project Manager will walk you through all the major steps of the materials, from quotes through to awarding suppliers. This phase is where your Project Manager will confirm materials requirements and quantities using state of the art software.

















Construction Phase

The construction phase is where GCProjects really shine through, by dealing with all onsite tradesmen, supplies and any changes. Your Project Manager is the single point of contact for all onsite staff and will relay all updates to you via personal phone or email. Using the latest software we schedule milestones for each point of the construction phase to keep the project on time and on budget.


construction-phase - Project Manager
















Completion Phase

Your personal Project Manager will walk you through the full hand over experience and present you with the keys to your brand new home or renovation, giving you a detailed guide of how everything works.















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Gold Coasts fastest growing project managers


GC Projects are growing with amazing success thanks to a great team of project managers and dedicated staff. GC Projects Directors are highly skilled tradesman and project managers having worked for some large corporations over the past 15 years honing there skills and refining the process. The Gold Coast based project management team is here to help you with your next project.

Our Services:

So for your next project why not call our Gold Coast Project Managers on 1300 664 533


GC Projects expands by adding plastering division

With a focus on a one stop shop, the GC Projects team are proud to announce the start of a plastering division, lead by GC Projects Director Matt Browning who has over 10 years experience in this field, the demand for internal plastering fit out has grown for the group. Director Matt Browning said

 We are here to meet the market needs and help our clients build process be as simple as possible with a single point of contact.

Adding the plastering division only strengthens this.

With Christmas quickly approaching and those of you looking at starting or finishing renovations, extensions, decks or whatever your project maybe we encourage you to contact us today to ensure a speedy delivery prior to Christmas. 1300 664 533

5 Quick Tips About New Home Builds

1: Location Location Location

If you are yet to pick your new location there are some things that you should consider before purchasing, the first major factor to consider is how the area is behaving in the real estate market at present and what it’s growth has been like over the past 5 & 10 year sectors. For some people this maybe your first new home and this is really important to make sure you buy at the right place and for the right money.



Source RpData

2: Budget

Having a budget is one of the most important things to be done in the early stages of the process, when budgeting we recommend having a chat with your bank to obtain a pre approval, best option is to allow yourself a little bit of breathing room, in our experience customers update and change some of the build process along the way therefore spending a little more $$$ on the overall budget. Below is a calculator to help you run a few numbers.

3: Project Manager

Having a project manager is a highly recommended option as we take a lot of the stress out of dealing with the on-site tradesman, design and engineering challenges and much more. Having a PM is generally seen as a single point of contact for the client and having the simplicity of being able to relay any instructions direct to them for execution. GCProjects pride themselves on delivering high industry standards on every project.

4: Reputable Tradesman 

We employee not only our own full time staff but have on hand leading industry tradesman from all sectors to deliver only the best services at an affordable price, let us help you select the right people for the job, after all its what we do everyday. Its unfortunate but we have seen a lot of poorly completed work and in many cases have been hired to rectify the issues, this is an extra cost that you shouldn’t need to deal with but this again reinforces the reason why you should use a Project Manager.

5: Time Frames

Once you have covered most of the above steps its now time to talk with your project manager and discuss realistic time frames for your project, are goal is to hit every milestone and budget requirement and being upfront about this is a really important factor when we take on any job, false promises and misguided time frames are something we don’t believe in. We are reliable, professional and obsessed with perfection.

We would love the opportunity to help you build your dream and would care greatly to speak with you directly to discuss options, advise or anything you may need so please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 664 533 or enquire below

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