New Home Build

Here’s another project we’re working on, in the Gold Coast.

The project was left half completed, so the GCProjects team have stepped in to take the project to completion. It’s a huge job, but the team is very excited to step up to the challenge!

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Meet the Team!

The GCProjects team has been expanding over the last few months, to meet the demand for all upcoming projects.

Here’s Matt talking our Intern, Eric through one of our project estimates.

Eric has almost completed his Masters in Construction Management at Bond University. He’s working with us as part of his Practical Placement.

Eric’s doing a great job and we’re very happy to have him as part of the team!



construction-phase - Project Manager

How your Project Manager will save you money

Being a Project Manager can be one of the most challenging roles in new home builds or renovations and what we do is save you time and money. When we manage your project we often reach out to a variety of trusted tradesmen and companies for the best value and solution to your project.


Key features of a Project Manager

  • Access to a variety of trusted tradesmen
  • Trusted material suppliers with competitive prices
  • Material quantities are refined to save on over capitalisation
  •  Your very own personal project manager
  • Design and construction recommendations and advise
  • Seeing problems before they become one
  • Professional advise
  • Take all the hassles out of your new home build or renovation
  • Reliable staff

Design Phase

Sitting down over a coffee and reviewing your plans makes what is normally a confusing process for many people, an exciting time as you see your new home or renovations start to take shape and with your Project Manager there to explain to you in plain English what is, what.


















Quoting Phase

During the initial quoting phase your personal GCProjects – Project Manager will walk you through all the major steps of the materials, from quotes through to awarding suppliers. This phase is where your Project Manager will confirm materials requirements and quantities using state of the art software.

















Construction Phase

The construction phase is where GCProjects really shine through, by dealing with all onsite tradesmen, supplies and any changes. Your Project Manager is the single point of contact for all onsite staff and will relay all updates to you via personal phone or email. Using the latest software we schedule milestones for each point of the construction phase to keep the project on time and on budget.


construction-phase - Project Manager
















Completion Phase

Your personal Project Manager will walk you through the full hand over experience and present you with the keys to your brand new home or renovation, giving you a detailed guide of how everything works.















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Powerful Project Managers

Are you looking to renovate your house, unit or office, the GCProjects team have the skills, staff and drive to deliver your project on time and on budget. Our team is dynamic and are highly motivated professionals who have a passion for what they do.

We are Gold Coast based Project Managers who carry out Renovations, Project Management, New Home Builds, Timber Decks and more throughout the Southeast and beyond to take control of your project and lead it to the best result possible. Using the latest software technology and the best tradesmen our results standout from the rest.

Project Management Gold Coast


If you are need of a Project Manager on the Gold Coast or the Southeast QLD give GCProjects a call on 1300 664 533


4 Tools Everyone In The Project Manager Industry Should Be Using

The Project Management industry is very document driven, and having access to the best tools is half the job. Here are our top 4 tools that every Project Manager or trainee should be using. Below is a sample of some of the tools we use daily to keep our Project Managers on track with clients and lead times plus invoicing and customer relationships.

1: Accounting 

Accounting is a vital part of every business and getting bogged down in invoices and contracts can be a very daunting task. One of the best things we invested in was the up and coming account software firm Xero. Xero is a web based accounting software that allows you to carry out all of you’re accounting requirements on the fly, this includes the use their iPhone & iPad app for adding expenses and sending invoices on the move.

2: CRM Customer Relationship Manager

Keeping track of your customers and recording notes and calls is a huge requirement and being able to add these against a customers name is something we use daily. Capsule CRM is our preferred choice for number of reasons, not only does Capsule integrate with our Xero account it also links in with our Outlook and Mac Mail by bcc’ing emails to a dropbox account which then detects the recipients address or name and adds the email to the applicable person in Capsule, Genius!

3: Microsoft Project

We have been using MS Project for a very long time now and this is something that very PM should be using for every single job, allowing for forecasts, schedules resources, gives realistic cash flow forecast and practical completion dates to name a few. Having the one location to update job progress and being able to notify the client is a great tool, not only for us but the client is always kept up to date.

4: Drafting & Engineering

Drafting is one of the single most important things in not only the Project Management industry but any building industry, being able to show the client a visual concept but an accurate drawing is extremely important. Having used AutoCad for almost all our projects it allows us to hand straight over to the construction teams exactly what we require, where it’s required and its location.

Best regards,

Matt Browning


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Best practises to minimise construction costs.

While the cost of construction has steadied over the last few years due to minimal changes in material prices , stable interest rates and and over supply of skilled tradesmen , how long will this stay this way?

Many construction projects take months in planning and approval phases prior to gaining traction , regardless of the current market conditions there are specific ways to reduce cost over runs that are simple to implement. These early planning stages are the key to an on time , on budget project.

Clever design and standardised building practices can take the high risk components and the unknowns from the project and ensuring its success , this is a fundamental practise that must be carried out precisely.

Careful selection of a licensed company to carry out your project is essential, a strong working relationship with open communication channels is the vessel to a successful project. Make sure you are dealing with professionals and have scrutinised the referees and past projects of each company prior to selection and contract signing.

By adapting these simple process you will ensure a successful , safe , and quality project more on the best practises can be found here.