Follow my development (DA Approval)

By Mick Berry (Director GC Projects)

Over the coming months ill be writing regularly about my property that I have purchased in Biggera Waters QLD, the property currently has a home located at the front end of the 510m2 block. I will be building in two stages the first stage is a 3 bedroom + study duplex located at the rear of the block.


Stage 1: 3 Bedroom + Study (rear of block)

The purpose of the 2 stage process for me was that I will continue to live in the front property whilst building stage 1 at the rear, this obviously keeps costs down for us during the building phase and gives me a lot of control during the build spending loads of time on site (cause I live there).

The below is what processes we have completed to date:

  • Contacted Town Planner for property overview & assessment

Every house is located within a different zone and not all properties can have for example a duplex built there for a number of reasons so therefore contacting a town planner is a critical step to take.

  • Design & Drafting

Working closely with a draftsmen to put your ideas and designs on to paper is a very important step, for me I knew exactly what I wanted, I just needed it to be drawn. Once drawings are complete they were then sent to my town planner for pre assesment for local council making sure it met the required criteria.

  • DA Approval Submission

Once my town planner had checked designs etc we submitted our DA Approval (Development Application) for approval, we are currently in the final stages of this as I write this story and next week hope to update you and show you some of my plans.

until next week,

Mick Berry