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Top 5 Kitchen Design Ideas

One of the most popular renovations we do are in the heart of the home – the Kitchen! Here are our top 5 favourite kitchen design trends/colour pallets at the moment.

Go Commercial

Concrete finishes are a very popular trend at the moment, and not just in the kitchen but the whole home. While concrete is traditionally used as a rough finish in commercial spaces such as factories and warehouses, the industrial chic trend is now a hot trend in the residential market. The key with using concrete surfaces in the kitchen (weather its flooring or bench tops) is to keep the space warm with contrast accessories/colours to avoid a cold, sterile space.

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White & Wood

These kitchens make the most of the modern clean kitchen designs that we’re so used to seeing. The use of timber as a feature to the typical white surfaces is a welcome change, and brings a lot of warmth to the space. We love the variety of timber as a surface finish, weather it’s used as shelving, cabinets or bench top.

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Eclectic Retro.

Clashing colours and surface material is what these kitchens are all about! Although this trend isn’t for everyone, it’s definitely a talking point. We love the use of pastel colours, contrasted with bold cabinet colour selection.

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Metallic Infusion

This trend is perhaps something that we’re used to seeing in interior design magazines, but not quite game enough to try in our own kitchen. An easy way to introduce some metallics into your kitchen is firstly with accessories – bar chairs or pendant lights.

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Shaker Style Colonial

This is the modern update for the traditional colonial kitchen design. Shaker style cabinet doors, as well as glass front feature cabinets are a very popular choice in kitchen renovations. By keeping the colour pallet light and clean, you can continue to update with accessories throughout the kitchen, such as pendant lights, chairs and appliances.

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