The Backyard Renovation

This week, we’re looking into the many ways you can add a little bit of life into your backyard! Whether you’re getting ready for long summer afternoons, or getting ready to sell, there are so many ways you can change the use of what may be a tired outdoor area. A backyard is a great asset to have, so why not make more use of it? Here are a few of our favourites.

Outdoor reno 1030x515 The Backyard Renovation

A home-servery is a fantastic way to open up your kitchen area into the great outdoors. Bi-fold windows and a shelf or bench enable easy access from the heart of the home in the kitchen for dinner parties, and celebrations.

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Allow your backyard to become your oasis! Multiple levels allow for separation of space, think dining, relaxing, play areas or just enjoying some ‘me’ time!

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You may think that an outdoor shower is reserved only for homes near the beach, but why not bring that beach house feeling home with you? An outdoor shower can be as luxurious or basic as you want!

Outdoor reno14 1030x515 The Backyard Renovation

Think the summer would be well spent in your own personal tiki bar? Invite all your friends over and enjoy the balmy extended days in your own backyard! This is also a great additional to an unused corner/area within a small backyard.

Outdoor reno15 1030x515 The Backyard Renovation

A fire pit is another great way to create a usable area in your backyard, whether its summer or winter, it’s always a good time. When it’s warm, use your fire pit for evening cookouts. In the winter, gather around the fire for cozy chats with friends.

Outdoor reno16 1030x515 The Backyard Renovation

This is great option if you’re wanting to create some more privacy or hide an ugly fence. Decorative screens are also a great way to create zones within a larger area.

Outdoor reno17 1030x515 The Backyard Renovation

These seating areas are a great use of space to just enjoy being outside. Built in bench seats are great for entertaining, and such a simple way to increase the visual aspect of your backyard.


Note: Make sure you have the correct city council approvals prior to starting work

Image Source: Pinterest